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Heart of Hope encourages the process of taking special intentional time-out for YOU! 

All of our programs and services are written, designed and delivered by women for women!

Have you ever dreamed... desired... imagined... believed?

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Launch events:
November & December
Zoom Rooms:
Start in October


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Accommodation Options
North Narrabeen Sydney Ettalong Beach NSW
Worldwide apartments

Support Fiji Projects
Food & Housing Support
Sponsorship Options
Families & Pre-schools

Sandy Beach

Program Message to YOU


Middle Aged Woman


Best of Both Worlds

"What a fabulous find! Beautifully styled, and very comfortable, a truly tranquil retreat. The kitchen is perfect & the layout provides separate spaces for family to chill if they need & come together when they want. The fantastic location is walking distance to shops & playgrounds. Cate was a fantastic communicator and incredibly empathetic as we were going through some personal family trials during our stay. Highly, highly, highly recommend."




Author and Participant

Bula My sister Cate 🥰 
This is beautiful and thank you for involving me in this program. After that program I attended in 2018, until today - I feel so free and so much at peace within myself. Letting go of past experiences really helps with our way of being, especially in forgiveness and. confidence and authenticity. Doing the dream board in memory of my little girl - wow - that greatly impacted my life immensely.


Thank you Cate for what you are creating to help others.

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