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October - Breast Cancer and Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

She is Brave

Two very different life crisis situations but both with intense loss and grief involved. All situations also impacting many other family members and friends around them; each processing, or not, in their own way. I am a cancer survivor now for 30 years next March and while many closest to me may never fully understand or comprehend that journey, my story became a part of their story. One they did not choose and may not yet, even all these years later, have recognised as shaping their ways of responding or feeling in difficult moments.

As a young woman, wife and mother to 3 little children, already overwhelmed and experiencing anxiety and fear, it was the scariest situation I had faced and I‘d already had a few. However it forced me to open some of those closed doors. So I am truly In a position to testify to you that the difficult moments lead to freedom if you allow. Or you may be thinking your situations or stories are minor in relation to a women who has lost a child, breast, husband, finances. A loss is a loss and it IS comparable, as it’s all you’ve known and the impact and responses still have significance. No story is too big nor too small to speak or write about, receive support for and in turn help and encourage others to be as courageous as you. All our stories are more intertwined than we realise.

There is a resilience that enters when we survive our most traumatic moments that nothing else is quite able to provide. When we take the hand of another with words or deeds, when we remind ourselves we were never intended to survive life alone on an island. You are urged to put on the armour of unity and transparency that will prepare and protect you during the battles still to come. You’ve got this more than you might think and we believe in you and your story.

Your loved one may not have survived cancer nor your baby been born or lived beyond those first precious breaths and years. However they live on, not just in your heart but in YOUR story. The one that you are a part of, the one that someone else who needs to hear right now, is waiting for you to share.

Cate ❤️

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