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You Are Woman!

What story do you want your life to tell?

We need to make our story about what’s on the inside, who we are, what we have to offer, what we have learnt, what we still have to give, what we are not prepared to accept. We need to work through the rubbish and discover what we need to receive to strengthen our journey. Or maybe we need to just put the rubbish in the bin, close the lid, wheel it to the kerb and allow it to be taken away and destroyed by someone else or recycled for another purpose.

  • Feeling tired, used or worn out?

  • Wondering what comes next after the main course - family?

  • Desert comes next and it is the sweetest of the 3 course meal!

  • What are your dreams or plans?

  • What are the gifts unique to you for this stage of your life?

Who we are can be like buried hidden treasure but as a member of an adventurous, diverse and trustworthy team of women, begin the journey - dig for gold with a friend. Study the mysterious map together and discover the way. I know that you will find the treasure chest and realise that it was there all along full of what represents jewels for you. This is your season in life to shine, to receive restoration and growth with joy, peace, and belief in others and yourself as a necessary part of your new foundation.

  • We don’t want to wait another day and then say “I was going to…..but it’s too late”!

  • We don’t want to operate out of our midlife disappointments or life experiences in a way that causes isolation, bitterness or rejection!

  • We need each other, to listen, to hear, to encourage, to support, to inspire, to cheer each other on!

  • Our loved ones need us to run this marathon as one day they too will be catching up for the baton but right now they may be running their own race just at a different lane on the track!

This relay marathon may feel like a really long, tiring run but we are able to pass the baton on during the race and then sit on the sideline for a moment. When we see another tired or injured runner struggling, we can take their baton, stand and start again – it’s in our genes, our womans hearts to do this. Picture the other women running; are they behind, in-front or beside you? If you are on the track alone don’t despair someone will come alongside you soon. If you are running too fast, wanting to be alone; slow down and let someone catch up to you - finish together.

  • How have you been training for this relay – it is likely there has not been time, right?

  • What is the next stage or goal for you?

  • Who are the women in your world that are meant to be on the track with you?

  • We need to keep our goals progressing but realistically.

  • When we remain in the same goals or dreams, packaged as they were at 20 or 30, they will feel and may be unattainable.

  • We wrap presents for individual people in different paper with different coloured ribbon to suit the person, so it is with us.

  • Change the colours and style to suite the stage and age that we are looking at – the road map can still have the same destination but maybe in a different vehicle.

  • Has your story been impacted by your weight, your partner, your children, parents, peers, your job, your past traumas or successes.

  • Is it the story you dreamt about as a little girl?

  • How much have the choices of yourself and others around you had an impact?

  • Do you feel like unexpected circumstances or people have stolen your direction and vision?

  • What is your ‘mother heart’ feeling?

Heart of Hope team, programs, personal support mentoring or creative home design support can direct you to discover your lane for today and tomorrow and the answers to some of these questions. They are on the inside waiting for you to discover.

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