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Style Over Simplicity

S.O.S. Design for you and your home

Having your house in order - more than just cleaning

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Creative sisters Cate and Robyn are available for any style on any budget. Don’t know your preferred style? Overwhelmed with where or how to start? We can help you. It can be as simple as some new strategically placed cushions and homewares to a high end room or renovation style.


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"Sorting, we hear you groan but never fear when Mel and Helen are near”. Passionate about decluttering and cleaning (go figure) but non-judgemental, down-to-earth and able to get alongside you during the process.  Starting can be difficult but the end results are worth every moment of the process.

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After 35 years experience on renovations and styling for self and others, Cate and Rob have an understanding of the importance of thoughtful forward planning.  Budget pressures, tradesmen drought and completion stresses can all be supported with Pre-planing time-lining.  Strategic planning and organisation will move your vision and dreams forward.


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Tradesmen Referrals

Minor changes such as new doors, blinds or floor coverings can be stress free. More major disruption with bathroom remodels or total floor layout restructures will likely cause disruption, dust and even chaos! The rewards and results at the end will help you quickly forget any inconvenience. Which area would you like help?  Being prepared and ready is the key.


Bobw hallway before.JPG

Client needed a wet bar / kitchenette to flow to entertaining courtyard. Take a simple hallway, slight adjustment of bedroom wall with new frosted glass builtins and ……….


Bobw new hallway after.jpg

A beautiful, functional, modern space.  Enquire now for budget, we can tell you the kitchen was $500 on eBay. Bunnings and Ikea were utilised and the owners are thrilled 😄 

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