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Hello 👋🏻 Lovely Lady!

Don't look behind you or next to you, I am referring to you

Yes you are a lovely lady! 

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From the author

“I started writing to you here on this page,  8 years ago but somehow life got in the way – funny about that isn’t it. Like ‘message in a bottle’  I just found this note and some of the narrative has changed – like the geographical location.  For me back then the  place to draw aside and begin writing was located 3 hours north of Sydney Australia in a peaceful, quiet hamlet on waterfront reserve where the sunsets from the large living area changed every evening. Some things haven’t changed in our circumstances since that getaway but I resolved never to let go of my ‘Heart of Hope’ and would like to make sure you don’t either. Whether you need a home redesign or a retreat space just for you; we have something to offer that is unique and personal.  


Come along for the ride, reignite those dreams, take a big deep breath, a mindful, intentional ah ha, let the oxygen in! Hover above your difficulties rather than knee deep in them, join other women but not in a way you may have in the past!  This opportunity is not for deep digging or superficial scones and tea gatherings (though it sounds😋). Rather it’s about being in a gentle, peaceful, respectful quiet zone with other women. Pamper, music, a true short-story from a different author and topic each session, followed by a creative activity.  Hear and enjoy the sound of  your  own heart beat – even just for a few hours each week.  Be inspired, encouraged and valued for who you truly are during this journey. Those few hours could very well change things for a lifetime for you! 

Find out a little about the Heart of Hope ‘She is Connected’ and ‘She is Becoming’ programs and other services, by taking a moment to view our website.  Your 'new day' and addition to your story can start now!  We will also be sending out a market research short survey in a few days.  We would love to know what you feel and to hear the ‘alert sound’ of an interested woman to our website 💋 . 

Yes we are in lockdown but we have social information launch events with fun connecting at venues in Sydney and the Central Coast in November and December 2021.  If this fails to happen due to gathering restrictions then we are creating connecting zoom rooms – let the new season begin!  Spring is around the corner – see it bloom in your room, feel the sunshine on your face while with others – your ‘Heart of Hope’ you embrace. 🥰  

We hold your stories gently in our hands with love and care.  

Big hugs                                and the team


Who Are We
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